Strength of Our Women Awards

Strength of Our Women Awards

The Saskatchewan First Nations’ Women’s Commission Strength of Our Women Awards honours the strength and resiliency of Indigenous women in Saskatchewan. The Awards showcase the many contributions Indigenous women make to our communities while continuing to foster a sense of pride within them. Women are the givers of life and the keepers of our nations –their contributions are vital to the continuing existence of our traditional ways of life.

The proceeds from the Strength of our Women Awards Gala will be delegated to the SFNWC in order to reinforce initiatives that support the families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and other related SFNWC strategies.

The Strength of Our Women Awards Gala is a special occasion for many to come together to celebrate the achievements and contributions made by First Nations women from all Treaty areas within the Province of Saskatchewan. It is a time to life up First Nations women that exemplify great strength and resiliency in our First Nation communities and throughout the Treaty territory. Nominees and recipients will be honoured in 12 categories at the awards gala on September 8, 2016 at TCU Place.

If you are interested in nominating an outstanding woman, please fill our the nomination form below and provide:

  • A 250-word summary about the nominee, including reasons they should receive the award.
  • A list of any educational achievements or awards they have received
  • Two letters of Support
  • A high-resolution picture (minimum 640×480 pixels at 300 dpi)

Parts of the summary and the picture will be used on the FSIN Strength of Our Women website. All nominees must be in agreement with their nomination.

Nomination Categories

Arts and Entertainment

Nominees must have experience, history, and display talent in the areas of composition, musicianship, writing, film, play, dance, production, direction, or any other artistic endeavour.


Nominees must have skills and abilities related to business, such as entrepreneurship, administration, accounting, development, ownership and/or experience in First Nations business management.

Culture and Spirituality

Nominees must promote First Nations culture, language, and values, live a clean and healthy lifestyle, are dedicated to preserving the traditions and customs, and represent First Nations culture and people in a respectful and tolerant manner.


Nominees must show dedication to the field of education through exceptional academic success, dedication to promoting First Nations culture, language, and values in schools or education systems, or by service as an educator through all levels of schooling, including post-secondary.


Nominees must promote First Nations beliefs and ideals about preserving Mother Earth and show dedication to protecting our natural resources, lakes, and ecosystems; a strong passion for environmental activism, First Nations land claims and preservation is preferred.

Health and Wellness

Nominees should be dedicated to the advancement of health and wellness, study, and well-being of First Nations peoples, study or practice in the field of medicine or community wellness.

Law and Justice

Nominees should display professionalism, tact, leadership, and above all fairness in the fields of policing, law, the Canadian Court System, First Nations justice initiatives, politics and justice, or Human Rights.


Nominees must display strong leadership and advocacy in area that promotes the advancement of First Nations women. The nominees can be an individual, movement, group, community organization, or First Nations organization.

Lifetime Achievement

Nominees should be Elders who have dedicated countless hours of their time to helping their communities in any field of study. Those recognized will have contributed to the preservation of First Nations culture, language, traditions and practices.


Nominees in this special category will be open to any woman that represents the head of the family or community that is deserving of the Matriarch Award. The Matriarch is often the strength of the family or community. The first twelve nominees whose complete nomination packages are received by the deadline date will be honoured at the gala.


Nominees should be athletes who display a strong passion for sports and physical and mental well-being. Those recognized will have displayed outstanding leadership qualities and strived for excellence. This category will also be open to nominees that promote positive sportsmanship through coaching, organization of sports or public speaking.


Nominees must be under the age of 18, and must also show dedication and passion for continuing First Nations customs and traditions. Nominees will demonstrate distinction in their field of study, display integrity, show respect and tolerance, and act as a role model for First Nations youth.

Nominee Elegibility

    • First Nations Woman (exception made for Leadership/Advocacy Award);
    • Meets the criteria for the Award category;
    • All required documents are received by the deadline. If all documents are not received then the nominee may be deemed ineligible for an Award by the Selection Committee.
    • Previous recipients not eligible in the same category

Note: The Selection Committee may find some Nominations ineligible due to conflict of interest. All decisions will be final.

Nomination Process

Anyone interested in nominating a woman, please download the NOMINATION FORM.

Selection Process

The selection committee will review all nominations prior to Thursday, August 25, 2016. The top four (4) nominees will be contacted by noon on Thursday, August 25, 2016. The top four (4) nominees will be featured in the awards program and other related materials. The award winners will be announced at the Strength of Our Women Awards Gala. Award recipients will receive a specially designed award in their respective award cateogry at the awards gala and will be featured on the FSIN website and the Strength of Our Women Facebook page. The remaining three (3) runner ups in their award category will also receive recognition for their accomplishments and contributions.


Forward nominations by mail, fax, email or in person by noon, Friday, August 12, 2016, to:
FSIN 100-103A Packham Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7N 4K4
Phone:(306) 667-1876
Fax:(306) 244-44
Email: i[email protected]