Lands and Resources


The First Nations in Saskatchewan, through their inherent and Treaty rights, will establish jurisdiction over the natural resources in their reserves and traditional territories and will ensure effective stewardship and sustainable development of these resources for the benefit of all of their citizens, now and in the future.


The Lands and Resources Commission is an effective and accountable entity of the FSIN and will promote First Nations’ ownership, management and control of natural resources through the implementation of both a rights based agenda and a developmental agenda. The Treaty rights based agenda will include: establishing access and jurisdiction for hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering in all Treaty territories; working with the settler governments in interpreting and implementing our Treaty rights to revenue share from resource development on our reserved and traditional lands; and settling outstanding land claims based on breaches of Treaty or illegal acts committed pursuant to the Indian Act. The inherent rights based agenda on self-government will include the development of First Nations laws and regulatory systems that will ensure effective stewardship of land and resources.

The development agenda may include: intergovernmental agreements that will promote partnerships and co-management; set out proper protocols for all areas of natural resources management; promote cooperation; support harvesting that is designed to protect and preserve resources; and ensure sustainable development of resources. This agenda also includes the development of lands and resource use plans and policies and the development of the human resources capacity to implement them.