Vice Chief Simon Bird


Simon D. Bird is a Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation band member and comes from the northern Saskatchewan community of Southend. He married his wife, Naomi Thunderchild-Bird in 2000 and they have two beautiful children.

After meeting his wife through the North American Indigenous Games he moved to Saskatoon where he graduated with a bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 2003. His teaching career then took him to Loon Lake, Meadow Lake, and Onion Lake, to the Saskatoon Public School Board, STC, SITAG and finally back to his home community where he became principal of Reindeer Lake School in 2009.

Simon has always believed that hard work and strong relationships opened doors of opportunity that his education allowed him to go through. He continued his education on a part-time basis and earned a Masters of Education Degree program in 2011. As an educator, Simon has been extensively involved in youth development for many years and has a passion for building positive relationships with all people.

As the eldest child to Tommy and Marion Bird, Simon grew up very much involved in the traditional practices of his community where fishing, hunting, trapping and dog mushing were and still are a way of life. As a result of his upbringing, Simon believes in being a role model for others, particularly young people, by living a life of sobriety and putting family first. Cultural celebration is important to Simon and he shows this by attending ceremonies such as powwows where his children are participating in powwow dancing. With the knowledge from his Education and Values learned from home, Simon has committed himself to using his time and energy towards working with all First Nations in Saskatchewan.