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Group IAP

Individuals who share similarities (such as attendance at a school or belonging to a community) and desire to proceed through the IAP process together can apply to do so as a group.  Group IAP offers a resolution process for individuals to proceed together through the IAP as an established group.  Groups admitted to the IAP can be supported by contribution funding to pay for activities that will help them obtain support for healing and reconciliation.  To proceed as a group, each member must first apply individually to the IAP, and once admitted the claimants may apply to proceed through the IAP as a group.

The group must submit a Resolution Plan that:
• Lists the names of the group members;
• Indicates the process by which the group makes its decisions;
• Details how members support each other or how they intend to do so through the process;
• Details the specific activities the group proposes to participate in during the process to ensure a healthy and lasting resolution of their claims;
• Indicates the group is willing to incorporate or work through an already established organization; and
• Includes a budget for the proposed activities.

Funding is provided through an agreement with an incorporated organization or entity designated by the group to manage their Group IAP initiative.  The amount of funding available is based upon a maximum of $3500 per group member.  This funding can be used by a Group for:
• Coordinator and administrative wages;
• Holding workshops to support the members and their families through the process;
• Accommodations. Meals and transportation costs for Group IAP members to participate in group functions related to issues for resolving their claim; and
• Engaging and training community members or relatives of the participants so they can support the survivor at home.

Each group will have a coordinator who is responsible for organizing meetings and workshops; arranging group health supports and related resource materials; and providing additional support to group members to promote healing and resolution of their IAP claims. Workshops could include health and wellness, knowledge on money management, cultural teachings and other areas identified by the group. Having the right person as the group’s coordinator to organize the activities requested by the group is vital to the successful completion of a project. Adjudication Secretariat staff are available to assist and support the group through the process.


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