Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations

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Convention Act

A political convention was signed by the First Nations of Saskatchewan on April 16, 1982 which restructured the FSI, so the provincial governing body was a true federation of nations or the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN).
The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations represents 73 Saskatchewan First Nations and is governed by the Chiefs-in-Assembly.
The Convention Act outlines the governing structure of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. It established a principle structure of the FSIN, which consists of; Chiefs-in-Assembly, a Senate, an Elders Council, an Executive, an Executive Council and an Indian Government Commission.
Other components of the structure include an Auditor General, Treasury Board, and five major Commissions; Lands and Resources, Economic and Community Development, Education and Training, Health and Social Development, and Justice.
The FSIN also consists of institutions, committees, secretariats and other bodies as may be determined necessary for the governance needs of the FSIN.

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