Family Information Liaison Officers

An information service for families of missing and murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

We are committed to working with families in a culturally respectful manner.  Honoring our  traditional protocols.

Milton Gamble
Phone: 306-956-6907
Cell: 306-221-1566
E-mail: [email protected]

Angie D. Bear
Phone: 306-956-6906
Cell: 306-227-1558
E-mail: [email protected]

Who is Eligible to Access Services?

· Family members include blood relations, those who are non-blood relations such as adopted family, those considered kin, as well as street family. *Eligibility for information will be determined by privacy regulations and legislation.

Who are we:

· FILO supports families in their efforts to access information about missing and/or murdered Indigenous women and girls (MMIWG).

· Liaison Unit Staff do not undertake or participate in investigations, provide legal advice, or participate in legal proceeding or in the inquiry.

· The FILU acts as a connector between family members and agencies that may have information about a person’s loved one or situation.

Saskatchewan Family Information Liaison Unit:

Dorothy Myo, Manager
[email protected];
Toll Free : 1-833-529-6486

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The Family Information Liaison Unit (FILU) is a federally funded unit working within Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Justice’s Community Safety and Well-being Branch in partnership with the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Women’s Secretariat.

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