Chief Bobby Cameron

image-6Bobby Cameron has a deep appreciation and respect for the traditional way of hunting, trapping, fishing and gathering. When he was nine-years old his father taught him to lay down tobacco and give thanks after he shot his first deer. This lesson helped to instill a strong belief in the Inherent and Treaty rights of First Nation people. He firmly believes the Treaty Right to Education is the key to ending poverty and improving the lives of Indigenous people.

Cameron is from the Witchekan Lake First Nation where he worked as a school teacher and sat as a band councillor. In 2011, he ran successfully for the Office of the Second Vice Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations and was re-elected in 2014. During that time, Cameron held the Lands and Resources and Education portfolios.

In the fall of 2015, Cameron with the support of many Chiefs and Councilors was elected as Chief of the FSIN. His mandate is to continue with the implementation, enforcement, protection on Inherent and Treaty Rights.

“It is vital for our youth to complete their education from early childhood learning, graduating high school to earning a post-secondary degree to developing skills in a specialized trade. Education is the key to building healthier people and communities. Our Grandmothers and Grandfathers had the spiritual guidance and foresight to include our Treaty Right to an education when they entered into Treaty more than a century ago. We will continue to honour their vision by staying in school and helping our people protect, promote and implement our Inherent and Treaty Rights.”


First Vice-Chief Morley Watson

Vice Chief Morley Watson


  • Education and Training Commission
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Urban Development Committee
  • FSIN Youth
  • SIEF Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation (SIEF)
  • Economic & Community Development Commission
  • Housing **shared with Vice-Chief Heather Bear

Second Vice-Chief David Pratt

David Pratt is a strong believer in the Treaty Right to education. He also stresses that traditional knowledge along with education provides survival in both worlds. He has a deep appreciation in language retention so everyone can maintain their identity as Indigenous people. As an elected Vice-Chief, David is a strong advocate for Treaty protection and Enhancing Inherent Rights.

FSIN Vice-Chief David Pratt is member of the Muscowpetung First Nation. His parents are the late Bill Pratt and Late Isabel Pratt nee: Cote. He is the youngest of 15 siblings. David’s father Bill was on council for 25 years, including other family members. Sister Liz served as Chief. David was inspired by his late father.

Vice-Chief Pratt graduated with distinction at the University of Saskatchewan in 2016, receiving a Teaching degree from the Indian Teachers Education Program (ITEP).
His goals are to improve the lives and living conditions of First Nation people in Saskatchewan and Canada.

David’s portfolio includes the Health and Social Development commission.


  • Health and Social Development Commission

Third Vice-Chief Edward (Dutch) Lerat

Photo courtesy of Shannon Avison

Edward (Dutch) Lerat is a member of the Cowessess First Nation of Saskatchewan, Canada. Edward has served Indian Governments of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations for a period of 19 years. During this time he served as Executive Assistant to the Chief of Saskatchewan Indians and later got seconded to the Federal Government in Ottawa as Special Assistant to Minister Argue. In 1984 he was elected as Second Vice-Chief for the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, in 1995 he began his fifth term with the FSIN as an elected Vice-Chief. During this period of time, Mr. Lerat served on many Boards and Commissions, and was Regional Vice-Chief to the Assembly of First Nations of Canada.

In February, 1996, Vice-Chief Edward (Dutch) Lerat was seconded to the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority as Acting Chief Executive Officer. Edward was an instrumental player in the establishment of Casinos in four Saskatchewan Communities under First Nations jurisdiction and control.

From August, 1996 to June 2000, Mr. Lerat was appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer, for the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority.

In April 2004, Edward was elected Urban Councillor for the Cowessess First Nation and has served two consecutive terms. He continues to be instrumental in pursuing programs and services for the Urban Cowessess Membership.

In October 2009, Edward was elected Third Vice Chief for the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.


  • Veterans
  • Justice Commission
  • Senate
  • Bold Eagle
  • Indigenous Gaming Regulators
  • FSIN Spirit of Our Nations
  • Saskatchewan First Nations Natural Resource Centre of Excellence

Fourth Vice-Chief Heather Bear

Fourth Vice Chief Heather Bear is a member of the Ochapowace First Nation in Saskatchewan. She is a wife and mother of 4 children and most recently, a Grandmother. Prior to being elected to the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations as Fourth Vice Chief, Heather had served as a Council member of the Ochapowace First Nation for six years.

During her term of office, Heather has worked collectively for the betterment and advancement for all First Nations in the area of Treaty Implementation, prioritized education as a Treaty Right and the foundation for our schools, ensured the development of First Nations youth to become the future leaders, and continues the commitment to improving the life situations of First Nations people.

Vice Chief Bear is an alumni of the First Nations University of Canada, she has obtained her Certificate in Indigenous Leadership Governance and Management Excellence through the Banff Center of Management and has served on numerous boards and commissions at the First Nation, Tribal Council and Federation level.

In October 2014, history was made as Vice Chief Heather Bear was the second woman elected to the FSIN Executive in 65 years.