Treaty Right to Education Medals

Treaty Right to Education Medals

The FSIN Education and Training Secretariat is pleased to announce in an ongoing effort to commemorate our Graduating Grade 12 First Nations students on-reserve, we will provide the Treaty Right to Education Medals annually.  The medals are replicas of the original Treaty Medal cast bearing the inscription “Education is a Treaty Right and graduation 2013.” On the back of the medal is the FSIN logo.  We strive to have the presentation of these medals done by the FSIN Executive, FSIN Education & Training Staff or other FSIN Representatives. 

The scroll accompanying the Medals will say the following:

Treaty Right to Education

The Treaty Right to Education medal, presented to all First Nations high school graduates, reminds us of a valuable gift from our Elders. The British Crown and the Indian leaders living in the region now called Saskatchewan, signed Treaty #2 in 1871, #4 in 1874, #6 in 1876, #8 in 1899 and #10 in 1906. Our ancestors agreed with the Crown to share some of our territories with the Crown’s subjects so that they could live in peace and friendship for “as long as the sun shines, the river flows and the grass grows”.

Each Treaty includes a clause stating that the Crown will provide education to Indian people. These Treaties now obligate Canada, the successor state, to provide life-long learning to Indian signatories and their descendants. The Treaty Right to Education is a powerful tool to help our people to succeed, to achieve our goals and to be strong Nations.

On one side of the medal is the picture of the original Treaty medal given by the Crown to our ancestors at the time the treaties were made. It shows the Crown’s representative shaking hands with one of the Chiefs. A war club is laid to rest at his feet. This is a long lasting symbol of the peace and friendship requested by the Crown’s representative and granted by our Ancestors. In return for getting peace, the Crown guaranteed Treaty Rights that include the provision of education. This long held right continues to each generation and for all time.

The subjects of the Crown are still living in our territories in peace and friendship. The descendants of the Treaty makers are still here. And the treaties are still alive. The signatories saw that future generations needed to be protected by the Treaties. Those Elders thought about the young people of today and tomorrow. It is important that we continue to think of all the generations yet unborn and provide for them as well. This Treaty Right to Education medal symbolizes not only our Treaty Right to Education, but also our responsibility to ourselves to use the gifts the Creator gave us. It reminds us that the Treaty Right to Education exists as an opportunity negotiated by our ancestors more than a hundred years ago.

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