Frank AsapaceThe Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nation’s Executive, Elders, Senate, Veterans and Staff extend their condolences to the family and friends of Frank Asapace, who passed away Monday.

Asapace will be remembered as a kindhearted and loving father of five who never cast judgment on others. He grew up on Kawacatoose First Nation before being sent to the Lebret Residential School.

Asapace was a champion traditional powwow dancer who once performed for Queen Elizabeth II. He participated in a lot of traditional ceremonies, and he was a proud member of the Native American Church. He attended the protest in Standing Rock as a water protector.

He loved the spotlight. In 2008 he appeared in the film the Englishman’s Boy, a CBC adaptation of the Guy Vanderhaeghe novel about the Cypress Hills Massacre. He also worked as a round dance and powwow announcer, alongside AFN Chief and former FSIN Chief Perry Bellegarde, and more recently appeared in his powwow regalia in a music video for rapper Joey Stylez.

Always a sociable guy, Asapace made friends wherever he went, and was adopted into a number of families. He brought laughter and good humour, and never dwelled on the negative.

“He always said, ‘Life is precious,’” said Kawacatoose councillor Delmont Asapace, Frank’s nephew. “He made me proud of who I was, and where I came from.”

The wake will take place Wednesday on Kawacatoose First Nation, with the burial service starting Thursday around 10 a.m.