The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations executive would like to congratulate to the Water Protectors at Standing Rock for their perseverance against the Dakota Access pipeline development on their lands.

It was announced Sunday that the Army Corps. of Engineers had issued a stay on the easement issued to Dakota Access, putting a stop to all development until other options can be determined.

“Thanks to president Barack Obama for hearing the calls of our youth, our brothers and sisters, mothers, grandmothers and the protectors of all races who came together in solidarity,” said FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron. “Today’s victory just goes to show you that Indigenous people will never stop defending their land, water and sovereignty.”

Today’s stay on the easement that puts a halt to the development on the Standing Rock’s traditional territory does not mean the pipeline will not continue.

“Today’s decision gives the water protectors a break but they should not let their guard down,” said Cameron. “We urge the water protectors to remain vigilant. There’s no telling what will happen after this new presidential administration takes over. Never give up in your struggle to defend lands and water – your inherent and Treaty rights.”

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations represents 74 First Nations in Saskatchewan. The Federation is committed to honouring the spirit and intent of the Treaties, as well as the promotion, protection and implementation of the Treaty promises that were made more than a century ago.