Spirit of Our Nations 2016


The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations and the Spirit of Our Nations Powwow Committee would like to thank all participants, volunteers and spectators for another successful cultural celebration.

The theme of this year’s powwow was Protecting, Honouring and Respecting Our Women.

“This is an old teaching,” said powwow committee chair Vice-Chief Heather Bear. “It’s our role as indigenous women to be the natural protectors of our resources and our land. We’ve got to look out for each other, and to protect our first mother – mother earth.”

In keeping with the theme, a blanket dance was held on Friday night to raise money for the water protectors at Standing Rock. $1776.00 was raised through the blanket dance and matched by Whiterock Gas and the FSIN. In total over $5,328.00 was raised to help them supply and fortify their camps for winter.

Among the dignitaries in attendance at the powwow was Miss Indian World, Danielle T’Sheena Finn, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux nation.

Approximately 1,000 people of all ages attended the event over the course of the weekend, and tens of thousands of dollars in prizes were given away to top dancers and singers. A new Miss FSIN was also crowned. Stephanie Bellegarde will represent FSIN at events across North America for the next year. Congratulations to all those who participated!


1Young Bear
2 Northern Cree
3 Poundmaker
4 High Noon

Golden Age Women
1 Dianne Goodwill-McKay
2 Linda Standing
3 Georgina Henry
4 Madelynn Goodwill

Golden Age Men
1 Cecil Nepoose
2 Donny McKay
3 Mike Laliberte
4 Dexter Asapace

Jr Girls Jingle
1 Nih-tanis Dustyhorn
2 Omiyosiw Warren
3 Kaylie Neepoose
4 Aura Cardinal

Jr Girls Fancy
1 Shundiin Whitehorse
2 Alva Snow
3 Junay Tootoosis
4 Okimawiskwew Gadwa

Jr Girls Traditional
1 Kaylen Top Of The Sky
2 Shanal Onepennee
3 Chloe Oakes
4 Shanaya Pasqua

Jr Boys Grass
1 Nicholas Rollinmud
2 Raynen
3 Jairus Faithful
4 GreySky Lameman

Jr Boys Fancy
1 Vincent Obey
2 Don-Dre Littletent
3 Leland Mitsuing
4 Cante Bison

Jr Boys Traditional
1 Kyler Peechow
2 Ethan Worme
3 Quannah Bellegarde Okanee
4 Miguel Mcnab

Jr Boys Chicken
1 Kisymis Scabbyrobe
2 Silas Rollinmud
3 Keeka Mcnab
4 Reese Whitstone

Teen Girls Jingle
1 Kendra Benson
2 Yanabah Whitehorse
3 Kendra Bellegarde Okanee
4 Chante Speidel

Teen Girls Fancy
1 Suraya Yuzicappi
2 Kisa Chamakese
3 Aislin Whitstone
4 Sienna Goforth

Teen Girls Traditional
1 Kaleigh Starblanket
2 Faith Good Striker
3 Regan Isnana
4 Shailyn Poorman

Teen Boys Grass
1 Aiden Jarrod Daniels
2 Laz Neepoose
3 John Tootoosis
4 Elvis Wahkeenew

Teen Boys Fancy
1 Tyler Yazzie
2 Keanu Noon
3 Elijah Waditaka
4 Dane Keenatch

Teen Boys Traditional
1 Takota Blacksmith
2 Ty Carter
3 Isaiah Mcnabb
4 Denzil Bonaise

Teen Boys Chicken
1 Wayland Mistickokat
2 Oshyn Raine
3 Deo Top Of The Sky
4 Chance White

Jr Women’s Jingle
1 Ashleigh Bonaise
2 Amanda Ironstar
3 Tonia Jo Hall
4 Cyrina Bull

Jr Women’s Fancy
1 Laryn Oakes
2 Amber Rose Cleveland
3 Kirsten Goodwill
4 Nadine Obey

Jr Women’s Traditional
1 Tierra Labelle
2 Wakeah Jhane
3 Patti Mcarthur-Isnana
4 Krystal Bigsky

Jr Men’s Grass
1 Alphonse Obey
2 Darwin Goodwill
3 Ira Mcnab
4 Jr Baptiste

Jr Men’s Fancy
1 Patrick Mitsuing
2 Lance Yazzie
3 Teddy Bison
4 Marquel Crawford

Jr Men’s Traditional
1 Darius Isnana
2 Nathaniel Deegan
3 Hunter Blassingame
4 Eli Snow

Jr Men’s Chicken
1 Rooster Top Sky
2 Jamon Paskemin
3 Tj Warren
4 Lance Mcnab

Sr Women’s Jingle
1 Jolene Redman
2 Candice Chief Scabbyrobe
3 Lillian Gadwa
4 Karen Pheasant

Sr Women’s Fancy
1 Melissa Tootoosis
2 Candace Gadwa
3 Shannon Chamakese
4 Irene Oakes

Sr Women’s Traditional
1 Danita. Goodwill
2 Andrea Redman
3 Regena Top Of The Sky
4 Elsie Wuttunee

Sr Men’s Grass
1 Jonathan Windy Boy
2 Terrance Goodwill
3 Randall Paskemin
4 Clifton Goodwill

Sr Men’s Fancy
1 Amos Yazzie Lll
2 Corey Reeder
3 Landing Eagle Goforth
4 Rod Belanger

Sr Men’s Traditional
1 Ardell Scalplock
2 Vee Whitehorse
3 Tobias Provost
4 Conrad Medicinerope

Sr Men’s Chicken
1 Sheldon Scalplock Sr
2 Todd Papequash
3 Brian Waskewitch
4 Richard Pacheco