(Treaty 4 Territory, Pasqua First Nation, SK) – Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) Executive are honoured to have received many graduation and convocation invitations for the upcoming graduation season. Graduation rates of First Nations students are steadily increasing. In 2013, graduation rates were 74.8 per cent overall, but just 37.4 per cent for First Nations and Métis students. The numbers have since risen, with graduation rates reaching 40.1 per cent among First Nations students last year.

The FSIN executive and youth representatives will take part in graduation ceremonies, presenting Treaty Education medals to the hundreds of graduates and bringing best wishes on their tremendous accomplishments and for their future endeavours. The FSIN executive wishes to thank parents, grandparents, caregivers, Chiefs and councillors, education directors and coordinators for their continued efforts in supporting our students as they strive for educational excellence. “It is vital for our youth to complete their education from early childhood learning, graduating high school to earning a post-secondary degree to developing skills in a specialized trade. Education is the key to building healthier people and communities,” said Chief Cameron. “Our Grandmothers and Grandfathers had the spiritual guidance and foresight to include our Treaty right to an education when they entered into Treaty more than a century ago. We will continue to honour their vision by staying and school and helping our people protect, promote and implement our inherent and Treaty rights.”

The FSIN wishes everyone to have a safe, responsible and memorable graduation season!

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