(TREATY 6 TERRITORY, NORTH BATTLEFORD, SK) – The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) Chiefs-in-Assembly voted today to change the name to the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations. The revision of the name reflects the Treaty Nations and Territories that were in existence prior to the Canadian constitution and the imposition of provincial boundaries.

“Using the word Saskatchewan is not a reflection of our Treaty territories that prevail over provincial boundaries,” said Chief Bobby Cameron. “The new name is consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, which supports our inherent, Treaty and Indigenous peoples’ rights at an international level.”

The seeds of the organization were planted when Chiefs and leaders gathered in Fort Qu’Appelle in 1946, emerging with an organization to advocate for the rights of First Nations people — the Union of Saskatchewan Indians.

In 1958, the First Nations leaders gathered in Fort Qu’Appelle and reviewed the constitution of the Union, replacing it with a new organization that more fairly represented the First Nations reality. It was decided that the organization be looked upon as a federation of bands and that the power reside in the hands of the Chiefs. The Union evolved into the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians.

In April 1982, the First Nations signed the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Convention and agreed to unite in a common front to protect and preserve First Nations’ Treaty rights and their political, economic, social and cultural characteristics. The political convention outlined a governing structure that consisted of the Chiefs-in-Assembly, a Senate, an Elders’ Council, an Executive Council and an Indian Government Commission.

The FSIN represents 74 First Nations in Saskatchewan. The Federation is committed to honouring the spirit and intent of the Treaties, as well as the promotion, protection and implementation of the Treaty promises that were made more than a century ago.

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